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Hello, and welcome to The Font Factory! The Font Factory is here to help you with all of your font needs. Here you will find many freeware and shareware fonts, learn how to make your own fonts from scratch, how to install fonts, how to make your fonts colorful, and how to put them on your site! These fonts are also suitable for digital scrapbooking. All authoring information, copyright information, and special instructions are included with each file. It's very simple to download the font of your choice to your computer. Just find the font you like and click on it, the font will automatically download. Please, look around and enjoy yourself! You can navigate through the entire site with the dropdown menu at the top of each page.

Make your own font!! For free, you can create your own font using your own handwriting or other images. I'm really excited about this program. It's a great deal, considering font creation software runs between 400.00 - 650.00 US dollars!!

The Hunger Games font is here!!

If you need help installing a font, head over to this area of my site to view a simple tutorial for all systems.

A new dingbats page has been added and I hope to add more dingbats soon. Oh, and by the way, if a font is spelled incorrectly, it was spelled that way by the author of the font!

I had quite a few requests for the Twilight font, so if you're looking for that you can find it here. The Pretty Little Liars font is here (officially known as Bickham Script Two).

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